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Workshop – Personalised Success at Work & Home

The knowledge that each person is different, regardless of whether they are a client or a colleague, gives you the platform to create within the workplace of comfort, productivity and satisfaction. This comes from an understanding of how to create this environment in a way that suits an individual’s particular needs, down to their DNA.

This session is specifically designed to investigate how knowledge and implementation personalised strategies within the team and client base create an unbeatable company culture, and fully individualised client experience. The participants will gain an understanding of:

  • Creating company culture through personalised insights – when you understand that differences in your workforce are due to a person’s genetics, you can start creating strategies that create a level of job satisfaction that cannot be discovered without years of trial and error. Learn proven strategies in discussing people’s differences in a way that creates support and collaboration and eliminate frustration and blame games in office dynamics
  • The Personalised Client Experience – when you understand the personalised needs of your different clients you are able to take them on a journey of complete comfort and confidence. From the language in your marketing, the amount of information you give or don’t give, to the level and type of contact you give them to influence how they feel like if they have a home with your services, or if it just feels a little ‘off’.

Essentially, the participants will walk away with an index of strategies, a paradigm shift in their understanding of themselves and others, and a lens of the world and people around them that will serve them in all walks of life.

Workshops – Productivity & Mental Performance

The keynote is designed to deliver motivation, and some tangible take aways. For companies and groups who are wanting to make their experience even more practical, a series of break out sessions have been developed to turn the motivation into sustained action that makes an immediate impact on the workplace as a whole.

These sessions can expand on the motivational attributes, and/or the practical aspects of the information. The end goal being a complete journey from ‘Initial Inspiration’, through to ‘Rubber meets the road’ encouraging sustainable thought processes and behaviour change.

Sessions cover:

  • REAL Effective Purpose – Ultimate Goal Setting for Sustained Change
  • How You Change the Work Environment – Strategies to make the team more cohesive without saying a word
  • The Genetic Insight – Understanding brain DNA to supercharge performance and communication

As each person is individual, so are businesses, groups and networks. Please get in contact to have a full proposal created that is specific to your workplace, and your needs