We wanted to set our team up for success to ensure we could together achieve our 2021 goals and objectives with a focus on the team’s mental health and well being. We asked Dr Cam to kick off our offsite with an intent of giving us the confidence that we have tools and strategies to apply throughout the year. Dr Cam delivered an incredibly engaging keynote. He read the room well, made it super engaging and built an instant level of trust using examples and situations that everyone could relate to. What is most exciting is that the team were pumped not only for the remainder of the offsite but they have continued to utilise the tips and trips along with engaging with the Shae app to ensure they are able to be their best

I’d recommend all organisations who are committed to living and breathing wellness to engage Shae and have Dr Cam share with your team tangible and effective ways to be the best possible versions of themselves. It truly makes a difference and will increase productivity, culture and overall wellness.