The Condition, The Challenge & Cam

Let the Challenge Begin

Submit Cam to the world’s toughest workout, have control over his training wardrobe, or even take control of his whole race – for charity!

The Condition

Imagine the feeling of breathing through a straw, never getting a break, the lining of your lungs clogged with thick mucus and your body constantly yelling at you for more oxygen. Then picture the feeling of not being able to fully digest your food, making it even harder to fuel your body and provide enough energy. Now imagine, that it’s not you, but your newly born child who is destined for a reality of finding it harder to just breathe, having to monitor everything that is eaten to ensure the right amount of digestive enzymes can be provided just to get enough energy from food. And then to know that their life expectancy is currently 37 years – imagine being that parent. Every 4 days a baby is born with Cystic Fibrosis, every 4 days new parents will start this journey with their child. Right now, you can contribute to the effort to normalise these children’s health and lives.

Do you want to do something about it?

Donations to this cause actually do something…

Through research funded by incredible charity, we have seen:

  • Life expectancy has doubled in 30 years
  • Quality of life and the medical burden of the condition consistently improve each year

Cystic Fibrosis Australia has a goal of taking this life expectancy from 37yrs to 50yrs by 2025…

By donating you are being invited to contribute to the effort that

gives parents, siblings and friends 13 more years with their loved ones.

What can be done?

One of the greatest challenges to individuals with CF is the restriction of breath, the narrowing of the lungs, and this can ben make an individual feel like they are breathing through a straw. Their lung capacity is closely related to their quality of life…and until recently, their lung capacity is expected to decrease each year progressively.

Recently though, it has been shown that regular exercise can actually increase their lung function, so much so, there can be an improvement year to year.

The Challenge – donate to take control of Dr Cam’s training

I have chosen to raise money for CF as part of his competing in the Noosa triathlon for 2019. When you donate, you get to take partial to full control over my training sessions, and in some cases, my entire wardrobe for the lead up events I will be competing in (5km, 10km runs and bi- and triathlons – full calendar of events here)

Every donation will earn you a dedicated training session, training session costume, right through to you being in charge of a whole session, a week of training sessions, or what I wear during fun runs and full Olympic length triathlons.

All you have to do is:

1. Donate as an individual or group

Check out what Challenge your money makes you eligible to give

2. Select the training session, costume or race that you want to control

Open to new ideas as well!!!

3. Receive your thank you in the form of video/photo proof on the ‘Challenge Dr Cam for Charity‘ Facebook page

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